Terms of Use

ANIMADOS ZOO presents here the Terms of Use and Conditions of Navigation in the Internet Portal, which must be respected by its visitors and users, under penalty of having all the implications of applying the legislation in force.

This Portal is designed to provide information about ANIMADOS ZOO and its products, which consist of the most diverse food.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the following definitions and descriptions should be considered for your best understanding:

Animados Zoo: the name used in these Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions to identify the owner and proprietor of this Portal, M. Dias Branco SA Industry and Commerce of Food, legal entity of private law with headquarters in Rodovia BR-116, Km 18, Jaboti , CEP 61760-000, Eusébio – CE, and enrolled with the CNPJ under nº 007.206.816 / 0001-15.

Antispam: A system that prevents unwanted mail, such as mass advertising, by blocking messages or moving them to a specific folder.

Spider application: program designed to get robotized information on the internet, browsing the web as if it were a spider.

Access account: a registered visitor’s credential that allows access to the restricted area of the site http://www.animadoszoo.com.br/, which is defined by the username and password.

Registration data: set of personal information of a visitor in a way that identifies him/her from the others, such as the identity document number (RG or RNE), personal or legal registration (CNPJ), residential or commercial address, Headquarters, full name, among others.

Login: username chosen by the visitor when filling in the registration to access exclusive features of the Portal.

Logon: the act of the registered visitor to enter the restricted area of the Portal using his login and password.

Layout: set comprised of appearance, design and portal flows.

Link: terminology for internet address.

Logs: visitor activity logs made on the Portal.

User name: synonym for login.

Portal: designates the electronic address http://www.animadoszoo.com.br/.

Password: A set of characters that serves as proof of a user’s digital identity, whose knowledge must be exclusive and unique.

Website: designation for internet pages.

User: visitor registered in the Portal http://www.animadoszoo.com.br/ and that has access account.

Visitor: anyone who browses through the Portal http://www.animadoszoo.com.br/.

Webmastering: includes the creation, programming, development, control and availability of internet pages.

1 – Access and Functionality Restrictions

1.1. This Portal is dedicated to those interested in obtaining information about ANIMADOS ZOO products.

1.2. The functionality of the social networking platform will be available only to registered visitors, as they will be under a restricted access area of the Portal, through a login and password, and access through any other site is prohibited, even if it provides navigation improvements.

1.3. Visitors and users are not allowed to access the programming areas of the Portal, its database or any other set of information that is part of the webmastering activity, being subject to the Brazilian criminal law and obliged to repair the damages they cause.

1.4. It is also not allowed to perform or allow reverse engineering, translate, decompile, copy, modify, reproduce, rent, sublicense, publish, divulge, transmit, loan, distribute or otherwise have the tools to consult this Portal and its features.

1.5. In this Portal is prohibited the use of spider or data mining applications, of any type or kind, as well as another not typified here that acts as a robot, either to carry out mass operations or for any other purposes, under the penalty of dealing with the implications arising from the application of Brazilian criminal law and to repair damages resulting from this use.

1.5.1. The ANIMADOS ZOO Portal was developed for the use of human beings, in order to allow its visitors greater knowledge of the brand and its products.

1.6. The Portal does not provide access to the Internet to those who are interested in navigating in its space, being the means for navigation their own onus.

2 – General Information about the Site and its Operation

2.1. This Portal is presented to the public of the web, being able to go through constant improvements and updates. ANIMADOS ZOO is not obligated to maintain a structure or layout, other than for its own convenience.

2.2. ANIMADOS ZOO is committed to the continuous and permanent availability of the Portal. However, it is subject to extraordinary events such as natural disasters, failures or collapses in the central communication and internet access systems or events of third parties that are outside its vigilance and responsibility scope.

2.3. ANIMADOS ZOO is not responsible for any damage or loss in the equipment of visitors or users caused by failures in the system, the server or the Internet connection, even if they arise from third-party conduct, including actions of malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses and others that may, in any way, damage the equipment or connection of visitors and users as a result of access, use or navigation on the Portal, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, audio or videos contained therein.

2.4. Visitors and users do not have any right to demand the availability of the Portal as best suits them, nor can they claim compensation or repair damages in case this Portal is offline, regardless of the motive.

2.5. ANIMADOS ZOO does not have any responsibility for the navigation of visitors and users in the external links contained in its Portal, being their duty to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the accessed site and to act as determined. In the event of any damage or loss, the aforementioned visitors and users will be primarily responsible, since safe navigation is fit to them. ANIMADOS ZOO will only point the link, being the interested party choice to visit the site or not.

2.6. The login and password data are very personal and cannot be transferred, sold or any other type of transfer of rights of use to anyone.

2.7. ANIMADOS ZOO may, in its sole discretion and convenience, exclude or suspend the access account of certain users of its Portal, due to suspicion of inaccuracy of information or practice of some illegal act. This faculty does not exempt the visitor from always providing the true data and practicing conducts that are consistent with the purpose of the existence of the Portal and his/her registration in it.

3 – Registration of the Website Visitors

3.1. If you wish to use the Portal’s unique features or make a purchase, the visitor must register to this Portal, providing his/her personal data as requested and adopting a strong password for his/her identification and authentication, creating an access account at the end of the procedure.

3.1.1. When the visitor registers to this Portal, he must provide only true information, committing himself/herself, from then on, to keep his/her data always up to date, under penalty of responding civilly and criminally, as well as to bear the damages caused by the use of Incorrect data, or third parties data, regardless of the existence of fault.

3.1.2. The data requested by ANIMADOS ZOO Portal are:
– Full name
– Date of birth
– Sex
– Telephone
– Cell phone
– Email
– State
– City
– District

3.2. The registration to the Portal is free, but must be confirmed before the release of access by link sent to the e-mail address indicated. It can only be made by individuals who are over 12 (twelve) years old or emancipated.

3.3. When making the registration, the visitor declares to have full knowledge of this document and, likewise, of the Privacy Policy, available in all links of the Portal, because the allegation of ignorance will not exempt you from any responsibilities or misconduct during the use of the Portal .

3.4. Whenever it deems convenient, the user can change his password and the data of his registration through a resource of the Portal.

3.5. The user does not need to fill in all the data; However, access to certain functionalities depends on specific information, marked and pointed out on the registration page itself and according to your navigation.

4 – Communication of the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal with its Visitors and Users

4.1. ANIMADOS ZOO will use the e-mail provided in their register as main channel of communication with its users and visitors to send notifications confirming its operations and requests in the Portal, or even to provide specific data, such as the response to request of a new Password.

4.1.1. The responsibility for receiving the notifications is exclusive to the visitor or user; Therefore, it is indispensable that you always provide the correct and accurate data to the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal and keep them updated.

4.1.2. It is also up to you to leave your antispam systems configured so that they do not interfere with the receipt of the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal’s materials and announcements, and no excuse is acceptable if you did not have access to the emails due to this block or similar filter.

5 – Privacy of Visitors and Users in the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal

5.1. ANIMADOS ZOO has its own document, called Privacy Policy, which regulates the treatment given to the registration information and other information and data collected in its Portal.

5.2. The Privacy Policy is an integral and inseparable part of the Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions of this Portal and can be accessed at the link http://www.animadoszoo.com.br/en/privacy-policy, found in your footer.

5.3. Should any provision of the Privacy Policy conflict with any other of this document, the more specific standard shall prevail.

6 – Obligations of ANIMADOS ZOO

6.1. ANIMADOS ZOO is obligated to:

6.1.1. Maintain the virtual environment safe – except by a destructive act of third party that goes beyond the committed efforts, in which case it will not be responsible for damages resulting from this harmful practice.

6.1.2. Preserve the functionality of the site, with unbroken links, using layout that respects usability and navigability, facilitating navigation whenever possible.

6.1.3. Display the functionalities in a clear, complete, precise and sufficient way, so that there is the exact perception of the operations performed.

7 – Visitor and User Obligations

7.1. Visitors and users are obliged to conduct a navigation with ethical rectitude, always respecting the conditions that govern the use of the Portal.

7.2. Users must take care of the confidentiality and security of their login and password, as this information of the access account determines their digital identity, imputing to them the authorship of all the acts practiced in their name, even if it is by a third party that has knowledge of these data.

7.3. If there is an incident with the login and password data – such as theft or loss – or if you suspect a breach of confidentiality, the registered user must change their password and immediately notify ANIMADOS ZOO to avoid the occurrence of damages that can be difficult to repair.

7.4. Every user who has an access account in this Portal is obliged to keep his registration data always up to date, otherwise he will be civilly and criminally liable for damages resulting from the imprecision and inaccuracy of the information stored.

7.5. By providing data and information to ANIMADOS ZOO, the visitor and user are obliged to do so always with a commitment of veracity and authenticity, under penalty of bearing the implications arising from the application of penalties of law, to indemnify those to whom they cause harm and to have the account access of this Portal excluded.

7.6. In the event of damage to the Portal or to third parties, the responsible undertakes to bear all obligations to indemnify the injured party, and ANIMADOS ZOO shall not be liable for such damages.

7.7. The user must use the resources of this Portal for the purpose to which it was constituted, under penalty of bearing the implications arising from the application of the penalties of the law, to indemnify those to whom they cause harm and to have the account access of this Portal excluded.

8 – Copyright and Intellectual Property of the Portal

8.1. The commercial use of the expression ANIMADOS ZOO as a brand, business name or domain name, in addition to the contents of the screens of the Portal, as well as the programs, databases, networks and files that allow the user to access their account are property of ANIMADOS ZOO and are protected by international copyright laws, trademarks, patents and designs.

8.2. By accessing this Portal, the visitor and user declare that they will respect all intellectual property rights and those arising from the protection of trademarks, patents and/or industrial designs, deposited or registered in the name of ANIMADOS ZOO, as well as all rights related to third parties who may be, or have been, in any way, available on your Portal. Simple access to the Portal does not grant them any right to use the names, titles, words, phrases, trademarks, patents, artistic, literary works, images, data and information, among others, that are or have been available.

8.3. Reproduction of the contents described above is prohibited, except with the prior written consent of ANIMADOS ZOO or if they are intended for personal use only and in no circumstances, do visitors and users acquire any rights thereto.

8.4. It is allowed only to make the temporary file of this Portal, being forbidden its use for commercial, advertising or any other purposes that contradict the reality for which it was designed, as defined in this document. Reproduction, distribution and disclosure, in whole or in part, of the texts, figures and graphics that make up this Portal, without prior and express authorization of ANIMADOS ZOO are equally forbidden, being permitted only the printing of copies for personal use and archiving, without separating the parts that allow the faithful and real understanding of its content and objective.

8.5. Visitors and users assume all civil and/or criminal responsibility for the improper use of the information, texts, graphics, trademarks, works, images, and all intellectual or industrial property rights of this Portal.

8.6. Any other use of authorized material, including for editorial, commercial or advertising purposes, may only be done with prior and express consent of ANIMADOS ZOO. Visitors and users are aware, through this item, that unauthorized commercial use may incur civil and criminal offenses, as it is in violation of copyright law.

8.7. Any re-use of the authorized material must be re-authorized by ANIMADOS ZOO.

8.8. The authorization to use the requested material cannot be transferred to third parties, even if linked to the authorized subject for any reason.

8.9. The use of the material does not authorize visitors and users to expose third parties to ridicule, create a work of illegal, defamatory, obscene or immoral character, which may violate morality and good manners, otherwise they will be liable to the penalties applicable by the current legislation

8.10. Any use not contemplated in said authorization will be considered an infringement of copyright and subject to the penalties applicable in Law 9.610 of February 19, 1998, which protects copyright in Brazil.

8.11. The eventual withdrawal of this Portal, as a result of any claim, of any advertisement, article, video, news or photograph reproduced here, should always be understood as a demonstration of our intention to avoid displeasure on this subject and, never, as recognition of any infringement by ANIMADOS ZOO to third party right.

8.12. The photos and images used in this Portal may not reflect the original size or current situation of the scenario reproduced, being merely illustrative.

8.13. Except as expressly provided in the agreement between the users and ANIMADOS ZOO, users retain the copyrights of the content they already own when they send them to the Website, such as, but not limited to, recipes, photographs, images, comments, suggestions, ideas and notes. However, users grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, unrestricted, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, make derivative works, sublicense, editorial, commercial or otherwise, distribution or exhibition in the Portal itself, allowing the best use of the tool or illustration of any product or service offered by it.

9 – Reporting Channel

9.1. The Portal will provide a channel for the user to report within the space of the ANIMADOS ZOO Life Recipes Club, so that they can communicate if they see or verify inappropriate content on the site, such as:
– Offense to the honor, image, reputation and dignity of third parties;
– Pornography, pedophilia and other forms of sexual satisfaction;
– Racism or discrimination of any kind;
– Bullying, Stalking or any other type of illegal embarrassment;
– Manifest violation of copyright or image right;
– Use of trademarks, symbols, logos or emblems of third parties;
– Instigation or incitement to commit crimes such as trafficking and use of drugs, rape, murder, larceny, among others;
– Commercial, promotional or any activity that suggests the exercise of economic activity.

9.1.1. The channel for reporting will be stealthy and will preserve the user’s identity.

10 – Attending to the Visitor and User of the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal

10.1. The ANIMADOS ZOO Portal provides channels for direct communication with visitors and users by the Contact Us links and SAC, plus the following means of contact:
– SAC – Customer Service, through the telephone 0800 702 5509, which serves from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm;
– E-mail, at the address sac@mdb.com.br, or by the Mailbox 2637 – ZIP CODE 60154-970;
– Contact Us section of the Portal.

10.2. By submitting a question to the Contact Us section or SAC, the visitor or user will receive a true copy of the message sent, in order to prove the record of the communication.

11 – Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

11.1. These Terms of Use and Conditions of Navigation are subject to constant improvement. Thus, ANIMADOS ZOO reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally, this document and its Privacy Policy.

11.2. When browsing this Site, you agree to be guided by the ANIMADOS ZOO Portal Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy which are in effect on this date and, therefore, you should check them each time you visit this Portal.

12 – General Provisions

12.1. The tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions hereof shall not constitute a novation of the obligations stipulated herein and either prevent or inhibit the enforceability of these at any time.

12.2. This Portal is based on the official timetable of Brasilia.

13 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

13.1. Terms and Conditions of Use herein are interpreted under Brazilian law, in Portuguese. The Court of the District of Fortaleza, State of Ceará, was elected to settle any dispute, question or doubt supervening, with express waiver of any other, more privileged.

14 – Registration

14.1. This document is registered in the Registry of Deeds and Documents. [XXXX].
Updated: [XXXX] from [XXXX] of [XXXX].

M. Dias Branco S. A. Industry and Food Trade.

0800 702 5509


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